Winifred Allen (07.04.1893 – 02.04.1965) is my grandmother.

233FLK - Winifred Allen

Winifred married Herbert Henry Milton (Dosh) (son of Edgar Milton and Sarah Milton Nee Punnett) 01.10.1889 – 03.09.1975 in 1910 and the couple lived at 19 The Bayle, Folkestone.

234FLK - The Bayle area Folkestone '1911'

This picture shows the area of the Bayle Folkestone about 1911, the little house next to the large shop front is 19 The Bayle. When my Grandmother Winifred got married in 1910 to Herbert Henry Milton this was their first home. My grandfather, being a postman, would also be close to his works. My gran would say worst thing they did as people would knock at the door and look through the letter box asking if grandfather could do an extra shift, which of course he would. Winifred worked in the laundry as an ironer until my mother Winifred Evangeline came along in 1913.

In 1912 houses numbered 15, 17 and 19 were deemed unfit to live in, so they had to move. The remarkable thing to me was my granddad said with a steady job at the post office and a pension when he retired he thought it a good idea to buy a house. In about 1912 they moved to 72, Blackbull Road, Folkestone. All to soon granddad went off to war leaving grandma with child and little money so she said to me she had to take in lodgers to make ends meet and hated to have people in her house, and like many other women she did sewing and made all their clothes. With granddad being away for 6 years it made things difficult for her as on his return they both had to get used to each other again and he also had a daughter to get to know. She felt the war was very disruptive to their lives.

Winifred Milton (06.01.1913 – 04.12.1980) married Robert Fredrick William Harris 23.03.1911 – 15.09.86 (son of Frederick William Harris and Daisy Louise Milton) 13.09.1939. This is my parents.


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