‘We have compiled A book telling the story of all the men from the village who went to war of those who sadly died. Dymchurch, Eastbridge, Orgarswick and Blackmanstone; The story of the Men from these Viallges who went to War 1914 – 1918. Although our War Memorial has 10 names, our list has 29.’

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‘There are men like Brittaine Pope who was serving in the English Channel on MTB’s and was taken ill. His boat came into Sheerness to get him care, but sadly that day he died from Spanish Flu. Plus we have many men who were born in the village and moved away, so we feel that they should also be remembered.’

‘Then we have George William Whitehead who didn’t die till 1921 through the effects of being gassed in the trenches, his family fought to get him a WW1 memorial and finally the Ministry of Defence agreed in 2004.’

Courtesy of the Dymchurch & District Heritage Group


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