The grave of Gladys Eveline Saxby & her brother James are located in the Family Memorial at Ramsgate Cemetery. The siblings were killed on Sunday the 19th March 1916, at just after 2p.m.

Gladys and James were on their way to Sunday school when two seaplanes were spotted above; not knowing the danger, the children stood and watched. The bombs fell on St. Luke’s Avenue just passed the junction with Dumpton Park Road. In all 10 bombs were dropped on Ramsgate during this raid. Many children were badly injured and five children and two adults were killed:

Mrs G.M. Bishop aged 23 and Harry Herbert Divers, a Taxi driver aged 49. Also Gladys Saxby aged 6, James Saxby aged 4, Herbert Gibbens, Frank Hardwick and Ernest Philpott aged 12

Courtesy of the Ramsgate Historical Society


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