Linda Richardson has submitted some pictures and a rare letter from the trenches by her Grandfather ‘Charles Henry Parrott’. The photo below shows a picture of the Parrott family which was taken around the same time as the writing of the letter: November 3rd 1916.

574RAM - Charles Henry Parret Family - Taken Around The Time The Letter Was Written

The following images show the Certificates both Bertie and Herbert received. The first is addressed to Bertie Parrott, presented on Empire Day 1916.

571RAM - A Certificate to Bertie Parrot - Empire Day

The second is addressed to Herbert Parrott which acknowledges his help in the Christmas Day Gifts project which saw gifts delivered to Sailors and Soldiers away from home. The third is also addressed to Herbert for Empire Day 1915 again for the help in sending comfort and happiness to the Sailors and Soldiers fighting in WW1.

572RAM - A Certificate to Herbert Parrot - Christmas Day Gifts
573RAM - A Certificate to Herbert Parrot - Empire Day

Also included here, is a letter which was written from the trenches by Linda’s Grandfather and Bertie and Herbert’s Father. The letter gives us insight into what life was like for Soldiers fighting in the Somme.

576RAM - Transcribed Letter - Page 1

576RAM - Transcribed Letter - Page 2

576RAM - Transcribed Letter - Page 3

576RAM - Transcribed Letter - Page 4

576RAM - Transcribed Letter - Page 5

Linda is looking for any information regarding what regiment Charles Henry Parrot was in.

All information and pictures are courtesy of Linda Richardson


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