This image shows Herne Bay’s War Trophy – a captured German field-gun – at the entrance to the Pier.

255HER - Herne Bay's War Trophy

Following the cessation of hostilities and the close of the Great War, it was common for towns throughout England to be given British tanks or captured German field-guns as trophies and in recognition of their efforts in the National War Savings Scheme. Cities and larger towns normally received tanks, while the smaller towns were usually presented with field-guns. Originally displayed in the roadway in front of the Pier Theatre, Herne Bay’s War Trophy was later removed to the War Memorial Park and finally – after protests from ex-service organisations that it appeared to be aimed at the War Memorial itself – to the foot of The Downs. It remained on this site until the Second World War, when it was duly removed and recycled as part of the war effort.

From the Collection of the Herne Bay Historical Records Society

The postcard below also shows Herne Bay’s War Trophy. The date of this postcard is not known but it is believed to be post First World War.

88HER - The Downs Herne Bay defences

Courtesy of D Price


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