Army Boxing Match

This card from Jack of the 2nd Kent Battery Fort Burgoyne to his Uncle Mr A Austin of the Cinque Ports Arms Hythe shows a boxing match in October 1914.

The 2nd Kent Battery was formed in September 1914. The new recruits had a choice of joining the service battery for foreign service or the 2nd Kent (Folkestone) Battery. The men were billeted at the Artillery Drill Hall in Liverpool Street, Dover.

Source: Folkestone, Hythe, Sandgate & Cheriton Herald – Saturday 12 September 1914



The transcribed text reads:

2nd Kent Battery

Fort Burgoyne



Dear Uncle

Just another PC. Just got knocked out- not half- hope all are well. From Jack



9 p.m. 27 Oct 14


Mr A Austin

Cinque Port Arms

147 High Street




Image courtesy of Darrienne Price


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