This postcard was sent 1st December 1917 but it is not known when the image was taken however there is no barbed wire on the beach so it is probably 1914. It is interesting that there was a shortage of postcards as evidenced by the reference to visiting 5 shops. The x on the photo marks the beach shelter where the recipient of the card sat with “S”.

56IOS - Sheerness Esplanade (Front & Back of Postcard)

The transcribed text reads:

‘Dearest, Glad you’ve started but couldn’t get the PC. you wanted just been to five shops. Show this to P & tell him you sat there with J. Fancy snow, tell your friends we haven’t even seen a drop of rain for weeks, and despite the fact that it is December 1st there’s a blue sky over the head of your own, Kiddie Lines’

‘Miss K Cauley, ‘Claverley’, Victoria Road, Louth’

Courtesy of D Price


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