This is the second card we have from Bob to Mabel. The daylight saving referred to in this card was introduced on the 21st of May 1916 so the card was written on the first day of its introduction.

Subsequent research Mary Mabel Cardinal born Oct 1893 in Canterbury, married Robert B Pannett



The transcribed text reads:


My dearest Mab

What a lovely day it has been. I expect you have experienced the same weather as we have here, dear. Nothing but all day long and Sunday too. No peace for the wicked, they say don’t they. Have you had a nice walk this afternoon. Hope so dearest. Started daylight saving with a vengeance this morning. Started work at 5 a.m. which was really 4 a.m.ordinary time. Did you get my letter this morning, duckie. So take care of yourself dear. Am hoping to see you soon dearest. Will write again soon. Hoping you are happy and well x M With love yours only Bobx


To Miss M Cardinal

4 Nursery Terrace

Pound Lane




Image courtesy of Darrienne Price


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