• Rose’s Story

    Rose starts keeping her diary from January 1914 and in it she records her daily life, including meeting Joe in February 1914.

    From following Rose’s diary you will gain an insight into life for working class people prior to the War and the impact of events for civilians on the Home Front during the First World War. Rose herself becomes a V.A.D.( Voluntary Aid Detachment) nurse and one of her cousins a female ambulance driver on the Western Front.

    By reading the regular updates of Rose’s diary you will be able to follow her journey and discover more about her family and friends. You will also be able to follow Rose’s relationship with Joe through her diary and the postcards and letters sent between the two.

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  • This is a picture from the Spring of 1914 and shows Rose with her mother and immediate family as civilians.

    As you look from left to right you are meeting Tom; a fisherman; standing next to his fiancé Rose’s elder sister Violet, they are planning to marry in July 1914. Maud is Rose’s mother and has been a widow since Rose’s father died in 1908.

    Rose is depicted wearing the clothes she wears to work in the drapers shop owned by Miss Ida. To the right of Rose is her older brother George, who is a wheel tapper working on the railway, and at the far left of the picture is the youngest of the family Fred, a telegram boy for the Post Office.


  • Rose's Family - 1915