Below is a selection of the postcards sent from different members of the Horn family:

We are not sure where Elsie fits into the Horn family, but she may be Fred’s Wife Evelyn. She is writing to the Horn family on behalf of one of the family.

341HYT - The Square Hythe (Front & Back)

The transcribed text reads:

10/9/17: ‘I had a letter from France yesterday + he wished me to give you all his love + will write as soon as he can but things are keeping him busy. Is very well + has good weather. Please excuse pencil as am in the cafe at Hythe. Love Elsie’ ‘He had not received parcel’

Miss E Horn, Staple Street, Hernhill, Faversham

The next card is addressed to Miss Haughton ‘Alice’ but we do not know who sent the card’

343FAV - Dad Said 'Be A Man' (Front & Back)

The transcribed text reads:

’25th May 15: We came this Monday good lodgings shall be pleased to see everyone. Love from us all. C/o Mrs Coleman 2 Alexandra Terrace Whitstable.’

‘Miss Haughton, Staple Street Farm, Hernhill, Faversham’

Next is a Birthday card from ‘unknown’ to Edith.

344FAV – To Greet Your Birthday (Front & Back)

The transcribed text reads:

‘Miss Edie Annie Horn, Staple Street Farm, Herne Hill, Nr Faversham.’

Lastly is a card from Char to, we believe, Edith

354FAV - Don't Throw things I'm Naturalised (Front & Back)

The transcribed text reads:

‘1.12.16: Have you heard from Fred he is well address being 23rd Field Ambulance 7th Division B.E.F France. Am doing A.1. on guard tonight goodbye Char.’

Courtesy of Diana Jones Nee Horn


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