This postcard was sent 20th Jan 1917 from Sydney who had probably been stationed at Lydd for training on the ranges. We do not know which regiment he was serving with, only that he was moving onto Bristol. The picture of the guns on the rail track is interesting because it shows some of the extensive rail network which existed within the camp.

57LYD – Lydd (Front & Back Of Postcard)

The transcribed text reads:

"My Darling Wife, Just a line to say that I am in the advance party to go to Bristol, and shall be off on Monday. I don’t know for certain yet, but I think I shall be able to spend most of Sunday with you at least, probably coming about Friday, but will let you know later Darling. Have just sent a card like this to (?) Gothard, and promised to write from Bristol. Excuse me now Darling, but I will write a long letter from B. With all my love & kisses from your ever devoted Sydney."

Courtesy of D Price.


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