The first images relate to the Garrison Institute at Herne Bay. In February 1917, the recently-opened Kings Hall was taken over by the Army Canteen Committee (subsequently renamed the Navy and Army Canteen Board) and renamed the Garrison Institute and Theatre. It provided facilities for service men to obtain hot suppers and light refreshments and also to enjoy recreational activities such as dances, whist drives and music hall. Incidentally, the Navy and Army canteen Board would form the nucleus of the newly-formed Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI) in 1921. The first image shows staff and customers outside the Garrison Institute in 1917

562HER - WW1 - Kings Hall 2

The second image is a poster advertising entertainments at the Garrison Institute in July 1917.

563HER - WW1 - Entertainment 1917 2

There are also four public information posters issued by the Herne Bay Urban District Council – 2 relating to aircraft raids and a further 2 relating to food production and food rationing.

564HER - WW1 - Food Rationing 2

565HER - WW1 Food Production 2

567HER - WW1 - Aircraft Raids 2

568HER - WW1 - Local Emergency Committee 2

The remaining poster is an advert for the purchase of National War Bonds during War Weapon Week in July 1918.

569HER - WW1 - War Weapons Week 2

From the Collection of the Herne Bay Historical Records Society


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