‘I have been trying to find my grandfather’s Army regiment; however, I have been told that a lot of records were lost. Joseph Judd (my grandfather) was born in 1889 so when joining up for WW1, he had to lie and say he was younger I believe.

During WW1, he was badly injured losing a leg and obtaining other injuries and was eventually sent to the convalescent home in Folkestone ‘St Andrews Home’(for more information on St Andrews Home, click here). He went on to marry my grandmother in 1926 after he left the St Andrews Home.

I have found a card of Folkestone and letter from the St Andrews home from someone who was also a resident there. Wishing him well on his wedding and having to decline his invitation as he was not well enough to go. Unfortunately I cannot read his name.

My grandparents lived in London and went to Essex to start a business called the Fobbing Tea rooms. Which they were still running during the Second World War, Joseph even tried to join up in WW2 without his leg. Of course he was sent packing. Many service people used the Fobbing Tea Rooms during WW2, someone might even remember him. Annie was a very good cook and spent WW2 feeding the boys and girls as she used to say.

Joseph died in 1952 in Essex.

If there are any records of the residents at St Andrews I would love to get in touch with whoever has them. I would love to know what regiment he was in, I can email the card and letter to anyone who thinks they might be able to help with any information’

Courtesy of Sally Burke


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