My grandmother Mary died before I was born but I knew my Grandfather James who lived then in Boughton Street.

The eldest son James was the first son to go to War. He married Mabel (Mab and Jim) in 1912.

179HER - Husband and Wife James and Mabel

I have postcards sent to the family from Egypt and a card from Mabel telling them how lonely she is.

178HER - Egypt Postcard (Front & Back)

The transcribed text reads:

‘Dear Edie. Just a card & thanks for the P C Jim sent me a time back hoping you are well. Mab tells me you had a good time when you were at Tadworth and that you have been doing yourself well on the farm this year. Just fancy Jim getting off with one of these girls.’

The next card is from Mabel in which she mentions hearing from Jim to let Edith, back on the Farm, know he is well.

339FAV - Northerwood Lyndhurst, New forest (Front & Back)

The transcribed text reads:

14.6.15: ‘My Dear Edie & all I know you will be anxious to get this. I heard from Jim yesterday he was well letters written the 20th & 27th of June. No chance of getting home in fact they had just heard they were going to Mesopotamia but hope there is no truth in it but he is not far from there now. We are still at the hotel just going up to the house to see what we can do. Love to all. Ever yours Bert & Mabel xx ‘This is a P.C. of the House’

‘Miss Horn, Staple Street Farm, Hern Hill, Nr Faversham, Kent

The last card is also from Mabel to the Farm

355HER – Marine Parade Tankerton (Front & Back)

The transcribed text reads:

4.8.15 Whitstable: ‘Dear Ma. How we wish all were here today. The sea is lovely and just now the sun is shining lovely. Love to all yours etc M ta ta.

‘Miss Horn, Staple Street Farm, Nr Faversham, Kent’

Jim returned home safely and in retirement they lived in Reculver Rd Beltinge where I spent summer holidays, visiting aunts and uncles.

Courtesy of Diana Jones Nee Horn


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