From our ‘Family Histories’ section: The Harris Family: ‘James Harris and his Wife Katherine Harris’: Courtesy of Pam Dray

68FLK - Henry James Harris

Henry James Harris was born on the 25th August 1879 and lived at 6th North Street and Clouts Alley in Folkestone. ‘Harry’ as he was known was said to have been one of the brave band of fishermen who risked enemy attacks and mines during The Great War. He had several dangerous experiences and narrowly escaped death when three enemy planes swooped over his boat and machine gunned the deck on which he was standing. He dived down the companion way head first and fell on to one of the crew. Though momentarily stunned, he was unhurt.

On another occasion he lost a large amount of valuable equipment when his trawl caught a magnetic mine and the nets had to be cut away to save the ship being blown up by the mine.

Courtesy of Pam Dray


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