From our ‘Family histories’ section: The Dray Family: ‘George Dray and his Wife Sophia Dray’: Courtesy of Pam Dray

Henry and Albert Dray were two of five sons from the marriage of George and Sophia Dray. The family lived at Gate Cottage, Rectory Lane in Saltwood, Hythe, Kent.

63HYT Henry and Albert Dray

On the left is Henry Dray who was born in Saltwood in 1897. Henry was 19 years old when he enlisted at Canterbury on the 13th May 1915. His service record stated he died of wounds on the 2nd July 1918.

Next To Henry is his brother Albert Dray who was born 1888 in Saltwod Kent. (See 64HYT)

Image & text courtesy of Pam Dray


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