A postcard showing Gillingham Park from the entrance. The card was sent about a month after War broke out.

316GIL - Gillingham Park From Entrance (Fornt & Back)

The Postcard simply reads:

‘From Maureen, Sept 15 1914’,

The Postcard below also shows a picture of Gillingham Park but was sent 30th August 1917.

312GIL - Gillingham Park (Front & Back)

Unfortunately we have been unable to transcribe the text fully but the following is what we could make out:

‘Wednesday Dear Mrs L very pleased to tell you have had a visit from one of the G ship mates they are in Port quite safe having the usual… G. … … …. I hope you have received … safely. I did not … … station … …. Yours S.G. ….

Hope you will have a nice time with your cousin …. Thank you for your P.C. B and A were out when Tubby came.’

‘Miss …. 50 Woodstock Walk, Bradford Park, W. 4’

Courtesy of D Price


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