George Bailey Milton 10.04.1861 – 19.02.1941 (Son of William and Rosella Milton) and his wife Susanna Neville Marshall 1856 – 18.05.1920 of East Street, Folkestone

222FLK - George Bailey Milton (Snr)

George was the second son of William and Rosella. He was born in Folkestone and married Susanna Neville Marshall 1856 – 18.05.1920 the couple lived first in East Street, moving in 1918 to Radnor St with four children.

George Bailey Milton (Jr) 1882 – 1920 PTE 2989

George (Jnr) enlisted on the 28th January 1900 and went into the RFA

Edward James Milton – 1887 – 1947

Edward James Milton 1887-1947 enlisted 18.7.1903 at Dover and went into the Wiltshire Regiment. He was discharged on the 9th October 1903 having made a mistake in his age, but the family say his mother complained he was too young and he was sent home. Edward married in London on the 31 December 1911 to Maud Victoria Chambers and on their certificate it stated he was a Stoker in the Royal Navy.

No more information is known regarding the other three sons Richard Milton 1891 – ?, Frederick Milton 94 – ? and Leonard 96 – 1916.


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