256FLK - George Clarke Musgrave

Born in Folkestone in 1874, George Clarke Musgrave joined the Royal Artillery in 1893 but was medically discharged a year later following an accident with a spooked horse, a run-away gun carriage and a leg shattered from ankle to thigh. He later became a noted war correspondent, journalist and author on both sides of the Atlantic, serving with British and American forces in the Gold Coast, Cuba, South Africa, Peking and France.

His contribution to the Great War lies in the vivid, accurate and illuminating narrative of his fifth book, “Under Four Flags for France” in which he draws his pictures with an eye to the diplomatic reasons behind the plans of war, the great sweep of armies as they maneuver for advantage, and the effect of the life and death decisions of Generals on the fighting man and on the civilian population.

Courtesy of Adrian Musgrave: ‘Celebrating the Life and Times of my great-uncle, George Clarke Musgrave’: http:www.georgeclarkemusgrave.com


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