From our ‘Family histories’ section: The Milton Family: ‘William Milton and his Wife Elizabeth Court’: Courtesy of Pam Dray

24FLK - Frederick John Milton

Frederick John Milton born in 1898 was the 10th and last child of William David Smith Milton and Elizabeth nee Court. They lived at 3, Bates Alley off North Street Folkestone, he came from a long line of fishing families. Frederick’s father had a very emotional time with the death of Frederick as six weeks before Frederick was killed he lost his wife Elizabeth. My link to Frederick was through his sister my grandmother Daisy Louise born in 1888 and was William and Elizabeth’s sixth child, and I am a descendant of Daisy who married Frederick Harris. Little is known about Frederick with no one alive who can tell me about him.

Frederick is mentioned on the war memorial in Folkestone and sadly he is one of many who died at Ypres whose body was never recovered. Fredrick is also remembered on the War Memorial of Tyn Cot Zonnebeke, West Vlaanderen, and Belgium.

Frederick’s “Dead Man’s Penny” is now in the safe keeping of Jesse Milton born in 1965 who is Frederick’s first cousin once removed and is the last of the Milton family to work with fish in the local fish market having given up going to sea a few years ago

Courtesy of Pam Dray


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