From the‘Family histories’ section: The Harris Family: ‘James Harris and his wife Mary Harris’: Courtesy of Pam Dray

216FLK - Frederick James Harris

Frederick James Harris was born on the 17/11/1819 and went on to marry Elizabeth Mary Louis in 1913. The couple had three children. The family lived at 64 Mead Road in Folkestone. During the First World War, Frederick was a Royal Navy Reserve 109431K. He survived the war, but sadly on the 2nd January 1929, Frederick died of an accident whilst working on the ‘Maid of New Orleans’ cross channel ship. The SS ‘Maid of New Orleans’ was a 2386 ton Cross Channel Steamer, built in 1918 and sunk by a U boat in the Channel in 1944.

217FLK - SS ‘Maid of New Orleans’

Image and text courtesy of Pam Dray


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