Edward Robert Bartlett Milton 1865 – 1943 (Son of William and Rosella Milton) and his wife Elizabeth Jane Hall 1861 – 1953 of 8 South Street, Folkestone

Edward was the 3rd son of William and Rosella. Edward and Elizabeth Jane Milton Nee Hall were married in 1892 in Folkestone Mar Quarter. The couple later moved to Cheriton and had 3 children.

223FLK - Edward Robert Bartlett Milton

224FLK - Elizabeth Jane Milton

Albert Leslie Milton 1907 – 1941

Albert can be seen in the picture above on the right with his mother Elizabeth. Albert married Elsie and the couple had a daughter Rosemary (seen in the picture above on the left with her grandfather Edward) Albert survived the First World War and died in 1941 of Pneumonia. Elsie died in 1939 of Cancer.

Not much information is known on the other two brothers. John William Bartlett Milton 1897 – 1981 married Florence Mabel Peters in 1921. Edward Robert Milton was born in 1899 – ?


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