Edgar Henry Hassell Milton 1868 – 19.01.1946 (Son of William and Rosella Milton) and his wife Sarah Martha Nee Punnett 1867 – 04.12.1947

225FLK - Edgar Henry & Sarah Martha Milton

Edgar was the 4th son of William and Rosella and on the 31st October 1887, he married Sarah Punett in St Marys & St Eanswythe, Folkestone. The couple originally lived at 4 Little Frenchirch St Folkestone where they had 13 children 2 of which served in The First World War. They later moved to 49 Canterbury Road in Folkestone. On the Far left of the picture above is Edgar Henry Hassel Milton then Sarah Martha his wife and Sarah (aka) Sally their daughter.

William George Milton 87 – ? 283686 PTE 1/5 Royal West Surrey Regiment

William was the first son of Edgar and Sarah. He married Lilian Rose Mullett 1893 – ? in 1910.

Herbert Henry Milton (Dosh) 01.10.1889 – 03.09.1975 (My Grandfather)

Herbert was the second son of Edgar and Sarah. Herbert married Winifred Allen 07.04.1893 – 02.04.1965 (Father was Thomas Allen who had 2 brothers Richard and Edwin) on the 26.03.1910 for more information click here. The couple lived at 72, Blackbull Road, Folkestone. Herbert was a Postman by trade, and told me some very interesting tales of his service especially one story when he was in the Camel Corp in the desert where Lawerence of Arabia was. One night he slipped in to the camp in Arab dress, when I asked what he was like etc the answer I got was “We had no regard for him”. When he was in India he said the Taj Mahal was beautiful to see, and they didn’t often take prisoners as they wanted to bring their families along with them, as they knew the British would look after them well. Herbert Served in the buffs in Aden and India. In 1913, Herbert and Winifred had a daughter:

• Winifred Milton 06.01.1913 – 04.12.1980 married Robert Fredrick William Harris 23.03.1911 – 15.09.86 (son of Frederick William Harris and Daisy Louise Milton) 13.09.1939. This is my parents.

• Pamela Winifred Dray Nee Harris

226FLK - Herbert Henry Milton & Winifred Milton

The photo above shows Herbert age about 21 in his Post office uniform.

Herbert's War History
238FLK - Herbert's Postcard (Front & Back)
239FLK - Herbert's Postcard - Greetings From Mhow - (Front & Back)
240FLK - Herbert's Perment Pass (Page 1 & 2)
241FLK - Herbert's Registration Book (Page 1 & 2)
240FLK - Herbert's Perment Pass (Page 1 & 2)
243FLK - Herbert's Post Office Retirement Letter

The photos above show a collection of Herbert’s medal ribbons and post cards he sent his wife Winifred, his Permanent Pass, his Registration certificate, his Discharge Certificate and Retierment Letter and Herbert of course can be seen half laying down, (Photo taken in India circa 1917.)

Below is an extract of Herbert’s where abouts from when he joined the Territorial’s to when he was discharged after war work;

  • 1/9/1911 enlisted in Territorial Army Reserves ¼th Batt Buffs at Folkestone
  • 9/9/1914 signed form E624 volunteering for overseas duties
  • 30.10.1914 Batt sailed from Southampton to India to relieve regular army so they could fight in France
  • 2/12/1914 Landed in Bombay then they came under the Indian Army
  • 26/7/1915 Sailed to Aden to join Aden Filed Force for this campaign Herbert was awarded the 1914/15 Star, British war and Victory medals,
  • Feb 1916 they returned to India
  • 1/4/1916 Herbert was promoted to Corporal
  • 1/9/1916 Signed again for hostilities
  • 15.5.1917 Transferred to 3rd Machine Gun Corp and posted to Mhow
  • 9/3/1918 left Mhow and sailed to join the Mesopotamia Field Force engaged against the Turks now called Iraq Saudi Arabia.
  • 11/11/1918 Armistice
  • 11/12/1918 Arrived at Lahore
  • 11/3/1919 Left Lahore and sailed to England
  • 5/5/1919 Discharged from Service.

Ester Francis Milton 1892 – ?

Ester was the first daughter of Edgar and Sarah and she married Thomas Willam Burville 1890 – ? in 1912. The couple lived with Ester’s parents at 4 Fenchurch St, Folkestone until they got a place of their own at 9, Tyson Road. My grandfather said Thomas was one of the lucky ones who didn’t serve abroad, before Thomas enlisted he was employed by the railway. Thomas enlisted 8/10/1915 and his regiment number was 358439 RGA disembodiment 4/6/1919 Medical Class B1. Whilst serving in Dover he became a casualty not sure what from, maybe this kept him in England. He was stationed mainly at Dover but spent some time at Abbey Wood. He must have come home quite regularly as he fathered children in 1913, 1915 and 1917.

Ethel Margaret Milton 08.11.1899 – ?

Ethel was the fourth daughter of Edgar and Sarah and she married Frank Francis Currie 8.09.1896 – 28.08.1980 (born in Chatham, New Bruswick, Canada) on the 21st August 1917. Frank signed up for the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force, and came to England 27/3/1915. With their marriage in 1917 they must have met and married within 2 years of him coming to England. We are not sure when Ethel went out to Canada but their first child was born in Canada 12/4/1920. A cousin of Ethel, Esther Francis Milton also went to live in Canada, (sadly I have no information on Ester). But I can remember my grandmother showing me two identical Christmas cards they had in the 1950’s one form Canada and one from USA from Esther and Ethel, and they lived 1,000’s of miles apart. Frank died in1980 in St Petersburg, Florida, USA.


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