Douglas Frank Sharp

East Kent Regt  No. G4555

Douglas Sharp was taken prisoner on 24th April 1915 during the 2nd battle of Ypres

From Historical Records of The Buffs 1914-1919 by R S H Moody


23rd April

The rest of the day the battalion was subjected to heavy shelling and rifle fire. The remainder of the Zouaves withdrew, and The Buffs then completely occupied the gap between the Canadian Companies.

The 24th April proved an unfortunate day. D Company was moved at the urgent request of the 3rd Canadian Brigade to a position across Wieltje-St. Julien Road, but at 7 a.m. Captain Tomlinson’s B Company, which had been detached late on the 22nd to the succour of the Canadians, was completely surrounded by the enemy, after losing very heavily, practically all the survivors were made prisoners ——– The Canadians and others who saw this company attack stated that this little force was entirely responsible for the saving of the Canadian left, and also that practically the whole Company was killed, wounded or taken prisoner.—–On this 24th April, as well as the two following days, the shelling was most severe, and the men suffered much from the poisonous fumes given off on the bursting of the shells.


Information and image courtesy of Pauline Sims




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