The postcard below was sent on the 1st Jan 1915*

150FAV - The Doorway Of Kent (Postcard) (Front & Back)

The postcard reads:

‘Dear Mum

Hope you are quite well as is me, plenty of fresh air down here shall not be up for weekend as they are allowing no passes. I will write again later, just received your letter with love to you and all at home your loving Arthur’

‘Mrs Frazer, 27 All Saints Road, Perry Street, Gravesend’

From the collection of D Price

*We have had new information from Diana Jones regarding the Frazier family

Because there was a family address I was able to find out a little more about Arthur Frazier.

Arthur was born in 1894 in Farnham, Surrey. In 1901, his father George P Frazier was a labourer at the docks. By 1911, when George was 16, he was living with the family at the address on the postcard and was working in the paper mills. At that time his father was 57yrs old and still a building labourer. His mother Mercy was 45 yrs and a housewife. Arthur was the eldest son and he had a brother Walter 14yrs a sister Edith 12yrs and the youngest Amy 6 years. In the 1914 war Arthur became a Gunner in the Royal Garrison Artillery no: 358336.

Arthur survived the war and died aged 72yrs in 1966 in the Dartford area. He may well have descendants in Kent now.

Information courtesy of Lives of WW1


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