Canterbury Cathedral Crypt

July 4 1916


The transcribed text reads:

‘Saw the soldier on Sunday and he was sent to Shornecliffe the next day. He was loaded with cake and fruit and we brought home to tea with us. Possibly he will write to you if not to this address. Best wishes L M Bolton’

To Mrs RW Allen,

‘Wrekin’, The Brent,

Dartford, Kent

This is an intriguing card with a very cryptic message. Given the date of the card and the destination of the soldier we are assuming that he was being sent to the Somme. The mention of bringing him home to tea is an example of the many acts of generosity shown to soldiers by the residents of Canterbury which the various regiments experienced when they were stationed in the town. There are various newspaper articles where regiments comment on the warm welcome they received in Canterbury.


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