Canterbury Cathedral – Christ Church Gate

February 22 1916


The transcribed text says:

R A Headquarters Canterbury

Dear Kathy Thank you very much for the toffee which was simply ripping. How are you going on, could you manage a walk round ?? to Jane now? Please remember me to all .Yours very sincerely Andy x

To Miss M Stackhouse

5 Penwortham Hill,


Nr Preston, Lancs

We know that several Lancashire and Liverpool regiments did their training in Kent prior to being sent to France. Certainly the 3rd West Lancashire Brigade Royal Field Artillery were based in Canterbury before they were attached to the 2nd Canadian Division and crossed to France 31 Sep/Oct 1915. This card dates from 1916 so we are not certain if the sender was with the 3rd West Lancashire Brigade or not

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Image courtesy of Darrienne Price


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