15RAM - Bomb Damage Ramsgate High Street

Pictured here is bomb damage to the Bull & George Hotel in Ramsgate High Street. This was the result of a Zeppelin raid on 17th May 1915.

Image courtesy of the Ramsgate Collection

*New information below courtesy of the Ramsgate Historical Society

Ramsgate woke early on the 17th May 1917, at 1.47a.m. to be precise. A Zeppelin, flying at a high altitude, dropped over 20 bombs on the town. Two lives were lost from Hythe; John Smith aged 42, a visitor to the town who was in room 12 of the Bull and George Hotel in Ramsgate High Street and Florence Earle Lamont aged 43. Both were from 21A Hythe Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey. The hotel itself was wrecked and neighboring businesses were also badly damaged.


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