104SIT – Belgian Wounded Oct 26 1914 – Sittingbourne

We have not been able to locate this picture, which does not seem to be having taken in a traditional hospital. In October 1914 there were a high number of Belgian casualties evacuated out of Ostend, many of whom landed in Folkestone and other channel ports and were dispersed along the coast. Due to the number of casualties large buildings were used as temporary hospitals, staffed by V.A.D (Voluntary Aid Detachment) nurses.

We have located this picture at the address of the contributor Sittingbourne Heritage Museum.

Image and image title: Courtesy of the Sittingbourne Heritage Museum

New information below courtesy of John Bunting:

John has been in touch with us regarding the location of this picture. He believes that this building may be Holy Trinity Parish Hall where he went to school. The photo may have been taken from the stage. John recognized the windows above the door and the tall window on the right as one of the dormer sections. The door on the left would have gone to the school playground.


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