Ashford Grammar School



29 May 1916

The trasncribed text reads:

Dear Mother

How are you all going on and is Ede home yet. Should have gone to the station to meet her, but have been so busy. One visitor went away on Friday and one this morning so have only the Capt with us now. I am having a day soon so am in hopes of seeing you. Went out for a short time yesterday and sat down in the shade all the time so am feeling a bit rested today. Nearly all the troops have gone from here seems so quiet now. Was the anniversary yesterday. Good bye much love Nell

 Miss R Jarvis

Jotney Cottage

Ashford Rd



The date of the card is 29 May 1916 which would have been the period during which troops were shipped to the Western Front in preparation for the first day of the Battle of the Somme on the 1st of July. Ashford was a collection centre for troops, for example, there were 5,000 troops under canvas at Goddington Park and many others billeted around the town and on other large estates locally.

Unfortunately, the building in the picture does not exist any more.

Image courtesy of Darrienne Price


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