Alfred Milton is from a different line of Milton’s but going back 7 and 9 generations he is related to William Milton born about 1640. Alfred and Herbert Henry Milton both have this William as their 7th and 9th great grandfather.

Alfred Edward Milton married Elizabeth Burville and the couple had a son:

Alfred Henry James Milton 28.07.1893 – ?

Alfred was born in Folkestone and served in the First World War as AB seaman RNR 4256A. He served on the ‘Highland Glen’ of the Nelson Line which was a refrigerated cargo ship that carried meat from South America to the UK, built in 1911. In 1937 Alfred was living in Hill Road Folkestone.

230FLK - Alfred Henry James Milton

231FLK - 'Highland Glen' of the nelson Line

Thomas Milton (perhaps brother to Alfred) married Louise Burville and the couple had a son:

Henry Thomas Milton 97 – ? L/CPL ¼ the Buffs

Henry was also born in Folkestone and lived at 35 Garden Road during WW1. Henry joined up in 1914 as L/CPL ¼ the Buffs, but sadly died of Malaria and Pneumonia.


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