From our ‘Family histories’ section: The Horn Family Courtesy of Diana Jones Nee Horn

This is the story of my Grandparents and their family during WW1. They were, I should think, a typical agricultural family of the period. They had 10 children, 5 sons and 5 daughters:

While looking at family postcards sent during WW1 I found one which mentioned the name Alf Fletcher. (From Frederick Horn) Since then I discovered his name in my father’s birthday book, written in there in 1912 I believe by his sister perhaps who gave him the book. He is the only non family member there which meant to me he was a close friend.

So I looked further and found that he lived in Staple Street, his father a Market Gardener and must have grown up with the younger Horn boys, one of the ‘naughty boys’ I call them as they look full of fun in 2 cards I have.

Alf was at first a farm labourer and went into the Royal Garrison Artillery no 161677. He survived the War and I have no other information except that his death was registered in Canterbury in 1976. There may be descendants who have memories of him. I have remembered him on the Imperial War Museum site but it would be good to have a photo!

Courtesy of Diana Jones Nee Horn


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