246CYH - A German Postcard (Front & Back)

This postcard is from a German soldier writing back to his family in Stuttgart. The soldier states that he is writing on the 28th October 1914 still in the same position as 4 days ago and the noise of shooting and fighting is all around. His name is either Norbert or Robert Giessenhoffer. We have attempted to translate the postcard and below is the transcribed text:
The front of the postcard reads:

Feldpostkarte = Field Dispatch 28/10/14

Mr and Mrs Giessenheimer
??…str 137

‘Heir…und… then something like ‘something very welcome’, I wish you, he wants and currently. And Gruesse Norbert (Greetings Norbert)’

The back of the postcard reads:

Bei Beselare 28 October 2014

‘Liebe Eltern,
Wir liegen noch immer wie vor 4 Tagen in derselben Stellung ung haben ein fuerchterliches Flakgetoese um uns herum. ich bin zur Zeit Fuehrer von 2 Munitonsversorgern und … folgen immber bei den …,… 3 km Dichte heute in einem grossen Bauernhof. Eure Grusse und Karten vom 12, 14 und 16 habe ich bekommen und danke Euch herzlich. Hoffentlich… die Wasch… und. Ich habe sie bessern Tag bringen.’

(English translation)
Near Beselare 28 October 2014
‘Dear parents,
We are currently still in the same position as 4 days ago and have terrible shell noise all around us. I am currently leading 2 soldiers providing ammunition and … follow always with the … 3 kilometers density today in a big farm. I have received your greeting and cards from 12, 14 and 16th October and am thanking you very much. Hopefully… the wash… and I have them… bringing a better day.’

From this we can see that the soldier regiment is: Battallion: XIII (Royal Wurttembery) Army Corps in Stuttgart. The Stamp shows it was sent from the armee post office of the Division 27 reserves. We have no more information on the soldier or his family.

Courtesy of John Bailey


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