From our ‘Family histories’ section: The Horn Family: ‘Joesph and Edward Horn’: Courtesy of Diana Jones Nee Horn

This is the story of my Grandparents and their family during WW1. They were, I should think, a typical agricultural family of the period. They had 10 children, 5 sons and 5 daughters:

Edward (Ted) was born in 1889. He worked on the farm and married Harriet (Harty) in 1918. In the mean time, he was conscripted into the army in Suffolk, the need for men on the Front must have been greater than the need for food, but the war ended before he was sent to fight. Harriet Howland played her part and ran a hotel in Canterbury as far as I know. A card from May 4th 1915 said that he had been to Dymchurch and: ‘heard the guns from Dover today to keep the Germans off’.

358DYM – Coast Guard Station (Front & Back)

The transcribed text reads:

4.5.1915: ‘Dear Eddie and all just a card have been to Folkestone today and got there quarter past 8 o clock and then to Hythe by bus and then walked 4 and a half miles to Dymchurch to Harty’s Aunt’s. We heard the guns at Dover today to keep the Germans off. Is in the paper tonight. Hope Fred is not gone love from T & H xx’ ‘have been by here today.’

‘Miss E. Horn, Staple Street, Hernhill, Faversham’

Courtesy of Diana Jones Nee Horn


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