From our ‘Family histories’ section: The Cloke Family: ‘John Cloke and his Wife Louisa Cloke’: Courtesy of Pam Dray

Thomas Henry Cloke was born in 1876 and lived with his father John Cloke and his mother Louisa Cloke at 16, Albert Road, Hythe. Thomas was in the Navy during WW1. He served, 025172 on the HMS ‘SUVA’ (See Below) in 1916, which was a former Australian steamer that ran from Australia to Fiji. The ‘SUVA’ played a significant support role in T.E.Lawerence’s (Lawrence of Arabia) Arab revolt at the Arabian Peninsula, the ‘SUVA’ returned to the AUSN in 1919.

232HYT - The HMS 'SUVA'

Courtesy of Pam Dray


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