153DOV - The Sinking of Submarine U8 (Postcard) (Front)

The Picture above shows the sinking of the German submarine ‘U8’. This happened off the straits of Dover on March 4th 1915. According to the back of the postcard:

The following destroyers taking part in the hunt: ‘Ghurka,’ ‘Maori’, ‘Viking’, ‘Nubian’, ‘Mohawk’, ‘Falcon’, ‘Kangaroo’, ‘Cossack’, ‘Leven’, ‘Fawn’, ‘Syren,’ and ‘Ure,’ the coup de grace being administered by the ‘Ghurka’ and ‘Maori.’ The four officers and crew were all rescued, but in view of the probability that they had been guilty of attacking and sinking unarmed merchantmen, and firing torpedoes at ships carrying non-combatants, neutrals and women, the prisoners are to be subjected to special restrictions, and will not be accorded the distinction of their rank.

Courtesy of D Price


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