Walking Advice – Health and Safety

Some of the locations shown on our maps can be dangerous, particularly coastal areas where the incoming tide may cut off routes, and cliff edges may be prone to collapse. Always check local

safety information before travelling, and use caution when visiting.

Our maps and points of interest are provided for historical information only. If you are not familiar with the area, always walk with an appropriate OS map.

For schools and groups, a pre-visit should be undertaken by the organiser. Any educational walks or visits must be arranged in advance through e-Go.

Please view the following websites for important health and safety information for walking:


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Inclusion of a walking route is in no way an indication of its quality in terms of scenery, attraction, usability or safety. Whilst care has been taken to include routes that are on rights of way, or paths or access areas where permission exists, inclusion of a route is no evidence of a current right of way or permissive access.

Kent in WW1 and its associates, does not attempt to provide advice on safety aspects of walking. There are inherent risks in any outdoor activity, and walkers should note the specific safety advice.