About Us

Kent in WW1 is a Heritage Lottery funded project and is a member of the centenary partnership with the Imperial War Museum. The project aims to tell the story of the people and towns of Kent during World War 1 by providing site visitors with the opportunity to see, via individual town maps, where people lived and events that happened.

Kent in WW1 Launch

The website gives the opportunity for individuals to share their family history with those who live in their town and the wider Kent community, painting a picture of Kent during the First World War. By using film as well as audio stories photos and artifact images as well as weaving in other footage, we help to illustrate individual and local stories which will inspire an interest in the heritage of Kent during the First World War.

The project will also be supporting heritage trails to encourage site visits to coastal locations to uncover the hidden stories of Kent so that more people can gain knowledge of their heritage and locality.

A full programme of live events will enable people to come and talk to the Kent in WW1 team (including volunteers and partners) or contribute a family memory to the site and participate in a range of informative and interesting activities.

The Kent in WW1 education package for schools includes downloadable workshop packages found on the Learning Resources tab in the Discovery section. The education packages give suggestions for activities and indicate the appropriate Key Stages.

Your Kent in WW1 contact: [email protected]

The Kent in WW1 Team

Darrienne Price
Head of WW1 Heritage

Barbara Welch
Project Co-ordinator

Phil Bracegirdle
Consultant Heritage Learning Advisor

Dave Chisholm

Chris Lightwing
Consultant Film Maker

Screen South

Screen South, the home of Kent in WW1, is a not for profit Creative Development company operating in the wider creative and cultural community.


As well as managing and delivering creative projects Screen South is involved with wide ranging partners to deliver educational programmes using various medium including film and other creative practices.

Screen South has had a long involvement in the Heritage sector through both its involvement with Digital Film Archive and more recently working with the Accentuate project on providing interpretation of Heritage sites.

For the Kent in WW1 project the experienced team at Screen South has been augmented by a specific Heritage Learning advisor to deliver the educational element of the Kent in WW1 programme. In addition Screen South, via Kent in WW1, is working with various specialist consultants to deliver access to the heritage of the First World War in an informative and interesting manner.

For more information, visit screensouth.org