Welcome to Kent in WW1, enabling you to share your stories of the towns and people of Kent in World War 1.

Visit your town to discover images of people and events and their actual locations within your town during the First World War. Ensure that your family’s story is told by contributing* a photograph, postcard or memory.

Journey across Kent to other towns to discover more about the rich history of Kent during the First World War; including a secret port, two restricted zones, refugees and much more.

Follow our heritage trails as part of ‘100 Miles for 100 Years’, themed on local places, people and events relevant to the First World War in Kent.

*It is our policy to fully attribute all contributions.

Upcoming Events

100 Miles for 100 Years – Upcoming Events

Come along to our free-to-attend events being held around Kent.


Share and Discover Event: 4 April 2017, Gravesend Borough Market, Gravesend DA11 0AZ, between 11.30 and 14.30.


Share and Discover Event at Dartford Steam and Classic Vehicle Fair: 6 May 2017, Central Park, Dartford DA1 1EU, between 10.00 and 17.00.

Herne Bay

Please Join us at the Herne Bay Clock Tower Information Centre, 81 Central Parade CT6 5JQ on Friday 24th March 2017 any time between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. for a Discover and Share Event.

You will be able to meet the team to discover more about the history of Herne Bay during the First World War and how our WW1 Heritage trail is being developed. This is also your opportunity to share any pictures, postcards, letters or memories about family members or local buildings and contribute to Herne Bay’s interactive map. We will be able to digitally scan on the day, and always fully attribute any contributions.

Opportunity - 100 Miles for 100 Years

New Opportunity: Event Support for Trail Launches

Would you like to be part of our volunteer event support team, who will be travelling around various locations in Kent to help local communities launch their trails?

We will be running these events from end of March through to end of November, but would not expect everyone to be involved in every trail launch.

Our offer includes:
• Full training and support.
• Training in event planning and delivery.
• Discovering local history.
• Travel expenses covered.

We will be offering several different roles, so please do contact us to find out more.

To be part of this high profile project, please contact Darrienne Price, Head of WW1 Heritage by e-mail [email protected] or if you prefer by calling 01303 259777.

Your Town in WW1

Echoes from the Kent Coast - The Kent in WW1 Film

Kent in WW1 commissioned this short film from award-winning director Nichola Bruce, to illustrate the world of hidden stories and connections that mark Kent and its people out as particularly important in the impact and legacy of the First World War.

Nichola Bruce, with long-term collaborator Sam Sharples, bring a taste of the stories from Coastal Kent in the First World War alive. Working closely with the Screen South Kent in WW1 research team, led by Darrienne Price, the film is supported by local people and their families who have allowed us to reflect on some very personal stories echoing down the century.

Local heritage groups and organisations have been very generous in opening up their archive and giving us their time to discuss the unique contribution played by Kent communities. We are also grateful to the Imperial War Museum for their support on archive moving image research and inclusion.

The film evokes an impression of the war years in Coastal Kent and aims to set the viewer on a journey of exploration into the multi-faceted contribution made by Kent at that time and its ripple effect on future generations.

Kent in WW1 Trails

Kent in WW1 Trails

Discover the WW1 heritage of Kent towns with our WW1 pathway trails. Explore coastal Kent, and discover the stories of Kent in WW1 in the locations where they actually took place. Click here to see our Trails.